Friends and Family

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Photo Gallery

Kristi Anglen and Cruzer                                                                          Jill and Sherry Stewart

Dave and Lori Linscott

Delmar McCallister The reason we Field Trial

Chad Slone

Al Cropek and Ed Lehosky The fued goes on!!!!!!

Kate and Lauren

Jody and Katie

Joe Haubach and Rick Johnson Spring PA trial

Tara & Jack Alexander, Chris& Nicki Rider, Greg Sackett , Cindy Cropek

Mckenna and Lehosky's Trill

Bobbie Sigmund and Jill 2011 NGDC

Karaoke with Bob Burchett Hoppers Party 2011 NGDC

Singing to the other love of my life Judy Robin

Jane Hopper, Al Cropek, Bob Burchett, Valerie Weaver

McKenna and Hanna

McKenna, Wes, Will, Jessie, Nate PA Rebels Rousers

Dave and Faye Walker

Dave Walker The Man The Legend The Dog Trainer.

Ron Telfare, Susie Mcphearson, Diane Kubitz, Allison Riedl

Delmar Driving the Dog Wagon

Geaorgia Winter Camp Delmar McCallister and Chris Goegan

Chris and the G-Man

Clem and Marilyn Little Chicks HOF induction Grand Junction

Dan Allison and Micheal Riedel

Al Cropek

Wilson Dunn Jill and I meat Wilson on our honeymoon 22 years ago

Demar Smith HOF

Rosco Statton HOF

Jessie and Wilson Dunn

ML and Clem Chicks HOF Induction

Jessie Red Pebble Bird Buggy

Jessie and Dad Bird Dog Hall of Fame

Jessie Union Springs, AL Free For All at Sedgefield

Al Cropek, Jill and I

Jessie Red Pebble Plantation Porch

2011 NGDC Me and Jill

Cindy Cropek, Dan and Allison Riedl and Annie

Tommy Thomas, Bobby Sigmund, Jill